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Clannad Na’ Alba

The Children of Scotland

“The glory of a nation resides not in it heroes, or its great names, but in the people from whence they came.”

This place was created to be a home, a refuge, a place of quiet contemplation for the descendants of the Scots who were scattered throughout the world, sometimes by famine, sometimes by clearance, and sometimes by the simple joy of adventure.

Here you will find stories of the clans, our names, our lives, our history.  Its is only when we know who we were, that we can we truly understand who we are, and then, stand with pride in the glory of our name and history.

We have started with ‘The Story of the Name - McCallum’. We intend to continue expanding this section with more clan names. If you feel you could contribute to the development of ‘The Story of a Name’ please contact us.

We also have a section on visits and holidays to the clan lands, again we have started with The McCallum Family Holiday, but would welcome any suitable contributions from you, with the story of your visit, to your Clan home.

We hope you will enjoy your visit here and that you will come again. We would welcome your thoughts on how we might improve our website.

Sound - Loch Lomond/Amazing Grace - Julienne Taylor

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